work-related mental stress

What does it mean by work-related mental stress?

Work-related mental stress is a condition that results from a person’s job or work environment. The symptoms may include depression, anxiety, sleep problems and poor concentration. Changes in behavior and personality may also occur.

  • Work-related mental stress can be caused by:

Work overload, poor working conditions, unfair treatment by management, exposure to violence or aggression, and more.

What Are the Effects of Mental Stress?

Mental stress can take many forms. It can be caused by a high-pressure job, or it can be the result of an illness or injury. Mental stress is often accompanied by physical symptoms, such as headaches and stomach problems, among other issues. In some cases, mental stress may lead to more serious conditions such as depression or anxiety disorders.

Mental stress can affect anyone, but it’s especially common among people who work in high-pressure environments where they face frequent deadlines and tight schedules.

The effects of mental stress vary from person to person. Some people experience only a few mild symptoms while others develop more severe problems such as depression and anxiety disorders.

  • Common Effects of Mental Stress

Headaches and stomach problems are common physical symptoms associated with mental stress. Other symptoms include, Trouble sleeping (insomnia), Anxiety or fearfulness, Feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, and it can mentally affect your judgment and cause you to make decisions that could cause even more stress at work.

How Is Mental Stress Diagnosed and Treated?

There are no laboratory tests that can detect mental stress. Your doctor will diagnose it based on your symptoms, medical history and diagnostic tests (if needed). Treatment will depend on the cause of the stress and how severe it is.

If exposure to stressors is causing symptoms such as anxiety or depression — especially if those symptoms are interfering with daily life — your doctor may prescribe medication or refer you to a counselor or psychologist for counseling sessions. If your job is causing you serious problems at home or in relationships with others because of increased irritability or mood swings, then seeing an occupational therapist may help address those issues.

When Work-Related Physical Injuries Cause Psychological or Psychiatric Injuries ?

If you suffered a psychiatric, or psychological injury, because of a physical work-related injury you will have to prove that your emotional or mental condition is work-related. For example, suppose you suffer a serious back injury at work and become depressed after months of being laid up in bed, in considerable pain. Because depression commonly occurs in people dealing with chronic pain and disability, a doctor may be able to connect the mental condition to the work-related injury.

These types of injuries are also called “compensable consequence” injuries because the psychiatric or psychological injury is deemed as the consequence of the physical injury. Other types of possible compensable consequences are additional body parts that get affected by the original work injury, possible anxiety, sleep disorders, and sexual dysfunction resulting from a physical injury.

As with other types of work-related compensable consequence injuries, either psychological or psychiatric injuries, may enable you to obtain medical treatment, temporary disability benefits, and possible permanent disability benefits. It should be noted however, that not all psychiatric or psychological injuries will entitle the injured worker to additional permanent disability benefits. There are certain exceptions too:  if the injured workers were a victim of a violent act at work or were exposed to significant work-related violence; your original physical injury was deemed to be catastrophic; or if your work injury happened before 2013.

(Cal. Labor Code § 4600.1(c) (2022).)

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