Psychological - Psychiatric - Stress Injury

Psychological - Psychiatric - Stress Injury

If you are experiencing signs and symptoms of excessive stress at work


The courts have generally distinguished three kind of psychological, psychiatric, or stress injuries, these are:

1- “Physical-mental” occurs when physical injuries produce psychic trauma or symptoms. They are commonly referred to as “compensable consequence” psychiatric injuries, as the psychological problems result from the physical injury. An example might be an employee whose arm has been severed, and who has resulting psychological troubles.

2 - “Mental-mental” occurs when psychic trauma produces psychological injury. These are pure psyche claims, although they might bring about physical symptoms. These injuries generally occur as a result of work-related stress.

3 - “Mental-physical” injuries occur when psychic trauma produces physical injury. For example, stress might result in the aggravation of a high blood pressure condition (hypertension).

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